Information Systems in Synergy at Swedish Museums

The insam activities was halted at the end of 1999 except for the Training programme which will be concluded during the year 2000. These www pages will no longer be updated except for the Kalendarium which will be used by the Training programme.

INSAM coordinates projects relating to the development of information systems at Swedish museums. The individual projects are supported by interested individuals and organizations.

This INSAM site is primarily maintained as a Swedish language resource.The only English document presently available here is SWETERM, which describes a naming convention for data element types.

A useful English language point of entry into the Web resources maintained by Swedish museums is the Virtual Library museum page for Sweden. Additional English language material about activities within the Swedish museum community is provided by the Swedish National Committee of ICOM (the International Council of Museums).

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Nordiska Museet

The INSAM site is maintained by:
Christer Larsson at Nordiska Museet.

Lastest update: 10 January 2000

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